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NEW OPTIONS FOR DINNER Peasant Pies is offering a new meal option that is organic and gluten-free. There will be a curry dish with basmati rice, and it will rotate between meat, vegetarian, and vegan choices.  Diners are served in a two-compartment microwaveable tray with a cover, perfect for eating in the store or taking away.  This week features a chicken coconut curry with aged basmati rice.  Next in line will be vegetarian eggplant and potato curry with aged basmati rice.  Ali Keshavarz, co-founder, will be happy to hear your suggestions for new recipes and meal options.  Stop by and try some!

After searching for ingredients and playing around with many recipes, we have finally arrived at the perfect gluten free sweet pies. They are just as good if not better than our regular sweet pies and a bit smaller about 2.5" round. We offer 3 gluten free sweet pies: Fresh Berry Custard Pie, Chocolate Flan Pie and Vanilla Flan Pie. For now, these gluten free pies are available only for catering orders through our website.

It’s not every day that a savory pastry shop gets called the best reason to live in Noe Valley. Well, maybe that does happen every day if you’re Peasant Pies. They’re so popular with locals that they have a cash register button labeled “Alex,” which stores the daily order of one of their regulars. And there’s a crowd-pleasing bonus: they’ve got savory vegetarian and vegan pies, too. Pies for all diets—we love it!